Welcome to my own little cinema with enough seats for everyone who always loved the cinematic atmosphere; even the commercials before the movie, which may appear here too (blame youtube).


  • About the inspiration:
  • Being a cinema fan since I was a child and knowing how lucky I usually am when it comes to finding rare fan-made videos, tributes and other cinematic pieces of art while browsing the internet, I thought that a combination of both worlds would be a great new project. Also providing a relaxing way of sharing not only viral videos but especially those hidden gems with rarely over 1000 views which often get lost or forgotten, even though the author (or ‘artist’) spent countless hours cutting and putting together his vision of a movie, tv series, animation, game or all of them combined in just 4-5 minutes worth of youtube / vimeo gold.

  • About the work behind:
  • After being ‘blog-less’ for quite some time (2-3 years), I started working on the current design by trying to implement all usual blog features while keeping it real simple and clean. No one should see countless sharing buttons, walls of text, popups (the work of Satan!) and whatnot, while trying to enjoy a video. But the options needed to be there, and that’s why you’ll still find sharing and commenting options for each post, after opening it and scrolling down to the corresponding tab under the main menu.

    Thus, the main challenge was to make an unique theme by modifying the default one while including neccesarry plugins and scripts to improve the user experience. Countless hours have been spent on adapting each little part, testing plugins to find the right ones and patching everything together afterwards. Sure, there is still room for improvement (some little bugs are hard to squash) but the cinema is now ready to serve the public!

  • About the purpose:
  • Give visitors a unique cinematic experience that will make them forget everything else for a while (just like visiting a real cinema) but also open their horizons with entertaining information (a.k.a. infotainment). All of these for free, of course, because I don’t have any plans for making money out of this, by putting ads and whatnot, to ruin the experience. Hell no. It’s enough that YouTube will put some ads in their videos…

  • The credits: (*reading them like they do on the Oscars for the nominees*)
  • Thanks go to:
    MericG, for the initial background (modified a little)
    Kavin, for his easily customizable ‘WP UI’ plugin.
    Joost de Valk, for his perfect ‘WordPress SEO’ plugin.
    Kenton Farst, for ‘WP Theater’ (which still has options that I might consider later).
    Fernando Briano, for the ‘List category posts’ plugin.
    Disqus, for their ‘Disqus Comment System’ plugin.
    Iznogood1, for his ‘Page navi slider’ plugin.
    CodePeople, for ‘Search In Place’.
    Tom Morton, for his ‘WPSocialite’ plugin (which was exactly what I was searching for).
    Jeremy Massel, for his ‘underConstruction’ plugin (which kept the cinema hidden).
    Jonny Allbut, for his ‘WP-CMS Post Control’ plugin.
    BestWebSoft, for their ‘Contact Form’ plugin.